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Mr. Right

Omlouvám se všem anglicky nemluvícím, ale tohle jsem musela napsat v angličtině, zkrátka to šlo snadněji...

I have always dreamed about someone, who will love me, take care of me and make me feel special. And due to the fact that I could not find Him, I had  to start loving myself, taking care about myself and feeling special on my own. Yes, because no one gave me these and if he was able to give me these, he just wasn't the Right one for me... I did not feel it. It must be there, exactly inside yourself and NO, I don't mean my head. I mean something that you touch when you are talking about yourself.
Imagine a situation that you mean something really honestly and want to persuade someone that you mean it. You touch the place little bit above your breasts and say - I MEAN IT. That's the place I am talking about. It must be there and it must be there for both of you. If we can call it somehow, I would use the "soul mates". You just feel the other person and the other person feels you. You can read it from his eyes and you don't need anything else. Words are just words, anyway.... What is more important is to know that the other person really cares and acts like that.
When it comes to my requirements I explore them and I'm not so demanding actually. I can be, of course and I have a list what Mr. Right should comply and how he should be... But if it goes deeper, there is a lot of bullshit that is basically not important for me but probably for the other people around me. And of course, I take care about these people a lot because they are either my family or my close friends. And their opinion is important for me but.... that's not their life! It is my life, my decisions and I will make my life the one I want to... And if I feel it like it, I will follow my inner voice. No matter if the person next to me is totally different type that I would ever dreamed of.. maybe just for one night but not for the rest of my life.. Wow, I really said it...
What I trully care about is that He wants the best for me (he is sensitive to my desires), He is always here for me and He can make me laugh a lot! Oh yeah, as simple as that. And yes, he must smell good for me, too :)
And of course, there is a lot of stuff going around in my head (- see I use the word "head" and not the "heart" ) that tell me that he should financially take care of me and our future family, he should be handsome with a sporty figure etc. There is a lot of stuff before we can say that someone is really PERFECT. But do we trully need someone perfect? Perfection is boring. Not much going on, everything is so faultless that there is no space for discovering and improving. I like strange things and prefer it to the normal ones... Yeah, why do it simple if it can be more difficult :) But that's life and we are living and not just surviving! Let's face it together, darling... With Love, Simi